Essay on islam the best religion

Ibn qayyim al-Jawziyya was a famous theologian from Baghdad who died in 1350. It makes no difference who these prophets were or where they lived. Unfortunately and unjustly, islam and Muslims are deemed by most of the world population to be the root causes of this upsurge of terrorism all across the world. You can get more information on argument this at Quran reading Blog. It is also different from what i am used to growing up with, so i was interested in learning more. Sponsored link, terrorism has surfaced as the biggest menace of the current times, particularly in past few decades. Is it really a religion that promotes violence and terrorism, or is the reality totally opposite to this misconception? Mathnawi, has often been called "the quran in the persian language.". There are rules that forbid self destruction as it would go against what God has created. Allah can choose to punish who he wishes by sending them to jahannam (Hell). Org, page Translator: This page translator works on Firefox, Opera, chrome, and Safari separation browsers only. Essay, muslims and the, religion of, islam - 1078 Words bartleby

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essay on islam the best religion

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In one of his many books, written late in life. He enlightens you, that you may take heed." (Surah 16, verse 90). The best way to authenticate or reject this claim for a common person is to see what the actual teachings of Islam are. This becomes very evident if one vows to read the qur'an and apply it on personal basis. Picking this topic has helped me learn purpose more about Muslims and will help me better relate to them in my future work. Muslim, theology, essay - uk, essays

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  • After the religion Islam came into being I respect books of different religions too because they are also revealed by Allah Almighty but believe and act on the.
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Islam is the best religion in the world essay, nbcc creative writing

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Background and History, islam is the religion for about a fifth of the worlds population and is continually growing in numbers. "And if ye do punish them, punish them no worse than they punished you: but if ye show patience, that is indeed the best (course) for those who are patient." (Surah 16, verse 126). The Shiite muslims believe that Ali (Muhammads cousin and son-in-law) was the rightful successor to muhammad, and that leadership of the community should remain in the family line of the prophet. Cultural Practices and Customs, the five pillars of Islam are the basics of the muslim life. Part of his fame lies in the fact that he was the leading disciple of one of the most cantankerous theologians of Islamic history, ibn taymiyya, a favorite of Sunni ideologues.

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essay on islam the best religion

Every religion in the world teaches peace and harmony. No faith believes in spreading hate among fellow human beings. The concept of peace in Islam draws its origins from the Arabic word Salaam which means secured, pacified, or submitted. Islam believes in spreading the message of peace and. Even though Muhammad died two years later, the religious movement he founded rapidly spread throughout the Arab world, and far beyond. In the centuries that followed, Islam penetrated deeper into Africa and Asia, then extending as far as the Philippines. During Islam s golden era some of the world s finest philosophers.

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It states that God abhors any disturbance of peace (2:205). In fact the root word of Islam is silm which itself means peace. So the spirit of Islam is the spirit of peace. The more first verse of the qur an breathes the spirit.

Islam believes in nothing but the sword of intellect: As mentioned earlier, the best way to find the truth about teachings of Islam with regard to its propagation can be seen easily from the content of the qur'an. "o ye who believe! One verse will have to suffice: everyone, sober or drunk, is seeking a beloved, everywhere, mosque or synagogue, is the house of love. It also relates a person submitting himself to the will of The mightiest in order to seek eternal peace and tranquility. Show more content, for many years while trying to convert those of neighboring clans, constant feuding over the kaaba and the city of Mecca ensued. In this broad sense of the term, everyone has a "religion whether acknowledged or not. He is known by his chosen pen name, "Hafiz a word that designates someone who has memorized the quran. The only sword Islam believes in, as far as propagation of the religion is concerned, is of logic and intellect: "Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from error Al-Qur'an 2:256. The crux of this observation is that the very origins of Islam are inclined towards peace and harmony. Every year in the month of Ramadan, (the ninth month. "God advocates justice, charity, and regarding the relatives. There are some fifteen basic concepts of the Islam and are explained within the quran. India is another place that was once ruled by muslims for a period of over 1,000 years. Arabia had been under Muslim influence for 1,400 years.

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  • Essay on islam the best religion
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    Islam is the best religion for all because other religions are modified by the people. Islam you will get everything you need.

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    Function(a,b, c)function d(a)var c,d, e, the best way to authenticate or reject this claim for a common person is to see what the actual teachings of Islam are. Is it really a religion that promotes violence and terrorism, or is the reality totally opposite to this misconception?

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    One convenient way of observing and analyzing all this is to learn what the holy qur an, the. Shams al-Din Muhammad, the greatest and most beloved of Persian poets, provides another example. For a survey of the role of love in religion generally, including my own essay on Islam, see the volume edited by jeff levin and Stephen.

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    Post, divine love: Perspectives from the world s Religious. Islam is a religion of peace in the fullest sense of the word. The qur an calls its way the paths of peace (5:16).

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